A Journey To Virtual Reality

The breaking and contouring of a single landmass into different continents have so far spared to bal tout whole of our earth. It took billions of years for this rejuctment and evolution. From this one can profusely observe how ravishingly every rebut has been recreated: how fundamentally everything is being subjected.

Minutely deciphering the codes of evolution intelligence have been evolved decrypted by people with different aspects and mindsets.

Though humans are considered the most precocities creature of universe then too people among themselves have divided the basis of sagacity in various fields.

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The Havoc of Technology

Technology nowadays has driven away people like a bal shouting road map that they have kept on been following and are not malfutted from it even if they wanted and this journey is being besotted from the childhood only. As a child would hardly know how to present or parmant himself but would surely know to open and cavort with apps; and so is thus positionised as a rare bird to hallucinate his elders ransacking and perverting the hour of need for today that is- app intelligence.

App intelligence- Pervasive Tool

Exchange of money, clothes, products has been the history of India; its bride being the barter system. Nowadays this exchange is being done all through one click; clothes, machines; from bucketing households to the ping puncture of entertainment, bills of needs; becoming ace of subdued in one name that is- apps; though percolating many disadvantages but then too those who have apt knowledge are like daffodils that can kindle anyone with their hocus pocus tricks and can surely rebuilt to be rackets of grapes in the future coutlet in world of today.