The lineage revolution is the latest drama to sweep across the entertainment industry. It’s the end of the western and it’s time for the east. The show has generated an enormous amount of buzz as critics rate it among the best dramas ever produced. But what is it that makes the show so different from the rest?

Most westerns are “a story told from a villain’s point of view”. It’s a common enough theme, but the West in these shows tends to be made out to be the evil one. In this case the villain is always the West.

When we look at trail spade ranches, cattle ranching, gold rushes, black gold mining, horseback riding, whaling, railroading, and other sectors of the west we see that they were all out to exploit the land. If it was easy, why not? What exactly is lineage revolution about?

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The revolution in lineage is the belief that we must always seek and explore new lands. This does not mean turning our backs on the land but instead living a life lived on the edge. A life of conflict where we can’t do what we want but instead make what we need to survive.

Race relations have been the subject of great debate for years. In this show the notion that the west is at the brink of losing race relations is the central theme.

Viewers should be aware that this show is far from being a traditional western cowboy story. It’s much more of a story about colonizing the west by exploration, conquest, war, and cold hard cash.

No matter what the landscape may look like, there’s always a war, a conflict, a battle going on. The American frontier is alive and well, but with the opportunity to change.