The StockpileApp has changed the way the younger generation saw the stock market and investments. Even kids under the age of eighteen are encouraged to invest in a really tiny size of stocks rather than investing full-on in an entire set of stocks and incurring a heavy loss all at once. The idea of this app is to give a fraction part of a huge stock to a single person. The minimum investment is just a mere amount of $0.99! The app is a great way for the adults to give meticulous training to the kids in the stock investment sector from a very early age.

Service Rating Reviews count
APP FOLLOW 4.5 29 reviews
APP BOT 4.1 77 reviews
MOBILE ACTION 4.0 25 reviews

What are the USPs of the app?

  • The app is super user-friendly and delicately designed to give a beautiful interface to kids. It’s simple to use and fun to operate.
  • Through the medium of a unique concept of intermixing the stocks and gift cards, the Stockpile App primarily focuses upon the importance of money. Kids understand the significance of the gift cards and use proper tactics to invest wisely.
  • The option of Custodial account is a great concept to make kids understand the art of investing in a stock market.
  • Surprisingly low commission value encourages children to invest their brains and money in stocks.
  • Trading stocks from familiar companies increases interest and makeslearning a fun and unforgettable experience.
  • Fractional Stock holding helps to share stocks in huge companies like Amazon at just one dollar price.

So stop weighing the cons and pros of investing in stocks and go for the easy and risk-free method today!